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‚ÄčI've been travelling the Path of self-growth, inner discovery, spirituality and empowerment for many years. My goal is to help people find a way out of the darkness of anxiety, fear, anger and other emotions that trap us in emotional and physical pain. I've been there.

My Background

My mom had Borderline Personality Disorder; she was diagnosed when I was an adult, and suddenly I understood much of what I had gone through growing up. Understanding, though, doesn't necessarily heal the pain. As she grew older, my mom developed Delusional Paranoia. I know how anxiety and fear can take over a person. I could see it in her, and I felt very scared, completely disempowered, small, broken and afraid. Also, I felt responsible for her situation.

I needed help, but I resisted going to therapy as my mother had been in Psychoanalysis for a very long time, and I couldn't really see that it had helped her at all. I had the good fortune to find out there were other kinds of psychotherapy. I started my psychotherapeutic process and began a Spiritual practice at the same time. Mind you; this was back when it wasn't fashionable. People were definitely religious, not spiritual!

I felt I should be able to handle all my feelings by myself

I was wrong. Going through therapy really changed my life. I know the value of a safe space and a person who will sit with empathy, unconditional positive regard and listen. I learned to release my fears, be more relaxed, trust in myself and accept that I was not responsible for my mother's problems.

I've also survived a couple of relationship experiments. Each time, I thought the grief was more than I could take; only to find out I'm more resilient than I imagined and that I am responsible for my own happiness. The last series of workshops I led in Mexico were on forgiveness and relationships. My favourite one was called "With you, without you or in spite of you, I will be well."

In 2007 I relocated to Canada, immigrating may be the hardest thing I have ever done! I'm from Mexico and I do love the sun and warm weather! I also love travelling, reading historical novels, watching movies, bringing Spirituality into everyday life and exploring interfaith and multicultural issues.

My Training and Credentials

I have a long list of trainings, some of which I mention below, and I am happy to continue learning, studying and participating in Professional Development Seminars. I've presented over 200 workshops; participated in radio shows and was a staff member of the Gestalt Institute in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

I am a Gestalt and Client Centered Psychotherapist, a Family Constellations Practitioner, a Clinical Member of OSP (Ontario Society of Psychotherapists), a Diplomate in Comprehensive Energy Psychotherapy (D-CEP), an EFT Master Practitioner (EFTMP), and a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Practitioner.

I love working with Essential Oils. I am passionate about Sufism as a Spiritual Path, about Rumi and about developing the Heart.

I am fluent in Spanish and in English.

My Life Journey

This wonderful life journey has led me to many places and many inner and outer discoveries; it has permitted me to develop a strong intuition and spiritual connection that allows me to connect energetically with others in a loving, respectful and humble way. I also integrate Spiritual awareness and healing in my practice, along with my other approaches, matching the therapy to the individual needs of the client.

I feel deep gratitude for the therapists I have worked with and trained with over the years, as well as for my clients. It is my goal to establish a safe space for others to help them find their way out of their own darkness of emotional and physical pain.

Contact me with any other questions.

If you are in need of Psychotherapy Services in Newmarket or the surrounding area Patzia Gonzalez of Healing Hearts Centre is here to help. Whether you are struggling with grief, anxiety, illness, separation or any number of other issues Patzia is here to provide you with licensed psychotherapy services to help you grow and heal.




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